The Zephyr Brass Quintet and Zephyr Winds (woodwind ensemble) perform for many different audiences . . . from private parties, accompanying choirs or presenting concerts for many different occasions.  ZBQ is the parent organizaton of all the Zephyr performing groups.

Zephyr Planet Radio is a radio programming service and operator of radio stations.  
The music library at Zephyr Planet Radio is one of the
finest in the music industry.  
ZPR is also the broadcast home of all the
Zephyr Music organizations . . .
past & present.  ZPR can also be heard
on iTunes internet radio.  You are welcome
to submit your tracks for consideration for
broadcast by clicking the link below the ZPR logo.

The Zephyr Brass Choir was an organization known for its recordings and performances of movie soundtracks and many classical works.  Zephyr Planet is the archives of all their works.

Zephyr Instrumental is the largest of the Zephyr Music performing groups. Original compositions from Inspirational to Jazz to Classical are featured by this 18 member organization which is heard on radio stations around the world. Their concerts feature guest performers, full audio visual projection and other surprises.

Creative Media Atlanta is the commercial production service of Zephyr Planet. Full CD/DVD manufacturing, media archival services, video editing and green screen services are available at Creative Media Atlanta. 

Zephyr Studios is the production arm of Zephyr Planet.  It provides the creative production services, such as . . . recording, videography, editing, concert services to support not only the Zephyr music groups, but other professional and amateur artists and organizations.

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